Tips on Removing Your Computer Software

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If your computer software on your operating system does not run efficiently then, you may have to remove them, and reinstall them again. Installing programs on your computer is fairly straightforward and can be easily done with the provided resources located on every PC. When you need to reinstall a computer software program, you will need to reinstall the files again in an effort to get the software to function properly. For every program, that you want to install again, make sure you have the installation disc for each of them. Having this with you, will allow you to install the computer software, straight after you have remove it.

Click on the start icon allocated on the left-hand corner of your screen, and then select Settings. Next, you will need to open the Control Panel, from your settings menu.

You will now have to double click on the Add or Remove Programs, from your control panel. After you have clicked on it, a window will open with a list of all the current programs that installed on your PC.

Select the first computer program that you wish to delete, by clicking it. Then select the Remove button, this will allow you to remove the program. This step can be repeated for every program that you want to delete.

For all the computer programs, that you want to reinstall click on the extension name .exe, installation files and then follow the instructions provided on your screen. If you have a disc; instead, you should use this to install the computer software. Insert this disc into your CD or your DVD drive, and then follow the instructions that will appear on the screen. Once all installed you will be able to use your new software on your computer.

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