How To Fix A Corrupt Registry

How To Fix A Corrupt Registry

How To Fix A Corrupt Registry

How To Fix A Corrupt Registry
By Sherman Choo

A Corrupt Registry leads to intermittent problems such as blue screen of death. An easy way to fix the registry is to use a fix software. So instead of having to go into the registry «regedit» and try our luck with strange programming code, we allow the registry cleaner software to do the work for us.
Here’s an idea of the result of a faulty registry:
Runtime Error — An error that occurs during the execution of a program.
ActiveX Error — An error caused by certain browser settings and misconfigured system files.
DLL Error — Missing or corrupt .dll files often occur when removing or installing a program.
.exe Error — Often occur during system or program start up due to unneeded files in the Windows registry.
General Protection Fault — Occurs when a program that is running violates the hardware rules in some way.
Windows Explorer Error — A dirty registry may cause Windows Explorer to get stuck in a loop.
iExplore or iExplorer Error — An error related to your Internet Explorer browser often causing it to shut down.
Access Violation — An error that occurs when an application tries to access storage not designated for it.
System32 Error — An error often caused by missing or corrupt system files.
Windows Installer Error — Caused by 3rd party «shell extensions» resulting in a white screen and/or crash.
And the infamous Blue Screen of Death — Occurs when Windows cannot recover from a system error. Usually requires a reboot. (This one is the most frustrating)

There are a couple of registry cleaners in the market, here are the common 5.
1) Regfix Great interface and very in-depth scan. Our test machines ran blazing fast after cleaning them with Registry Fix.
2) Regcure This is a solid registry cleaner for non-technical people. The waiting time to open folders increased after I ran this.
3) Error Nuker Did not catch some of the errors on our test machines.
4) Registry Fix

Registry Fix

Registry Fix is gaining in popularity. Not quite as thorough as our top picks but fixed the key errors.

Registry Fix free download>>

5) Error Doctor Found a lot of errors during our testing but many of them were non-critical issues like Windows Shortcuts.

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