How Much Money Does Mark Zuckerberg Have?

How Much Money Does Mark Zuckerberg Have?

How Much Money Does Mark Zuckerberg Have?

Mark Zuckerberg a shy 27 year old computer hacker and college student who created the Facebook revolution is the hot topic of conversation these days. As continues to grow at astonishing rates despite a slew of lawsuits and run-ins with international governments, Zuckerberg is still the head and founder of a multi-billion dollar company. There are no signs of Facebook slowing down in the near future.

With the recent release of “ The Social Network” , a highly interesting and entertaining film-ography about the founding of facebook, more and more people are interested in learning about Mark Zuckerberg and what makes him tick. As more interest is generated regarding this reclusive and lucky entrepreneur, he is becoming a cult classic, and many eligible bachelorettes are wondering how much he is worth.

He is not the first socially shy geek to make it big in the tech industry. If we look at the success of Bill Gates, sooner or later a lucky lady is going to hookup with one of the richest techno geeks in the world.

Unlike Gates, Zuckerberg is relatively cute and interesting, which is a nice bonus for any potential princess in waiting to look forward to having.

But, money and ladies aside, there is quite the mystery surrounding a lot of Mr. Zuckerberg’s life and net worth. Part of the problem is valuing facebook, which according to Forbes magazine can be worth anywhere from 6 to 11 billion dollars. Combine that with a few lawsuits in motion, each claiming a financial stake in the company, nobody can really tell with any accuracy how much money this guy has.

One thing is for certain, if he plays the stock market, there’s a good chance he’s collected a small fortune over the last year or so. Anyone with a small investment could see record profits as the market soars higher and higher. Anyone who got in when the market was at the bottom stood a fantastic chance of making some serious cash, and if Zuckerberg has any financial sense, he had to have invested a little bit on Wall Street.

So, hypothetically, let’s say he’s earned a billion from Facebook, even if he dumped a hundred grand into the stock market, chances are that he’s doing quite nicely during this economic recovery that seems limited to Wall street. So, being owner of Facebook is a pretty lucrative way of earning a living, and investing some of the profits from that has surely padded his well funded bank account even more.

So Ladies, are you ready to eat caviar while living a quiet and reclusive life with the richest semi-cute guy on the planet? Take a number, auditions for Zuckerberg are being held in Farmville sometime real soon.

* Naked Niche would like to make note in response to a comment posted about this article.

After doing more research we found that Mark Zuckerberg according to Forbes is listed for 2010 as follows:

  • Net Worth Calculated in September 2010 – 6.9 Billion +
  • Powerful People – # 40
  • Forbes 400 – #35
  • World’s Billionaires – # 212
  • Facebook is the second most visited site after Google
  • Users spend over 700 Billion minutes per month with the site

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