Use Bluetooth on Your Laptop

Use Bluetooth* on Your Laptop

Bluetooth* is the name of a specific wireless protocol that is known for allowing consumers to use headphones or ear pieces connected to their cell phones without the use of wires or cords. However, Bluetooth can be used to connect any electronic devices that support this technology, including your laptop.

Since many use their laptop computers to surf the Web via a wireless Web connection (WiFi), Bluetooth capabilities further enhance the portability of these machines. Since you don’t need to carry bundles of cords with you everywhere you go, working and communicating becomes much more convenient.

Cell phones. If your cellular phone is Bluetooth enabled, then you can use it to connect with other electronic devices such as your Bluetooth-enabled laptop. You might want to download data from your cell phone to your laptop, or vice versa. For example, if you take photographs or video with your cell phone, you can transfer that data to your laptop. Or you might have a cell phone that accommodates MP3 ringtones, so you can transfer songs you might have stored on your laptop. According to, you also can use Bluetooth to transfer contact information such as your address book to your laptop, to keep all your contacts up to date.

PDAs. Bluetooth is the most commonly used wireless protocol, so it can be found on many devices. PDAs and other electronic organizers frequently come with Bluetooth technology already installed, so you can hook it up to your laptop and share information. You might want to transfer appointments to the scheduling program you use on your laptop from your PDA, or download your address book. This makes staying organized much easier.

Mouse. Many people don’t care for laptop trackballs, preferring to install a mouse for increased comfort. Bluetooth allows you to connect a wireless Bluetooth-enabled mouse for easier setup.

Keyboards. Similar to the wireless mouse, Bluetooth-enabled keyboards connect to your laptop via Bluetooth. Some have difficulty using the keyboards attached to their laptops because of smaller, shallower keys. Connecting a standard laptop will make you feel more comfortable, and it is easy to do when you use Bluetooth.

Headphones. Listening to your favorite music is much easier with Bluetooth technology. You can connect wireless headphones and headsets when you are in a busy place such as a coffee shop or airport. You also can use Bluetooth headsets to talk via Skype* and other Internet telephone services.

Digital cameras. Connecting your digital camera to your laptop every time you want to download pictures can get frustrating. Bluetooth makes this process much easier, enabling you to get to your favorite photographs easily.

As you can see, there are numerous applications for Bluetooth technology and your laptop. You can connect virtually any device that is Bluetooth enabled, and you won’t have to worry about keeping track of wires and cords anymore.

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