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Use Bluetooth on Your Laptop

Bluetooth* is the name of a specific wireless protocol that is known for allowing consumers to use headphones or ear pieces connected to their cell phones without the use of wires or cords. However, Bluetooth can be used to connect … Continue reading

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Old Computer Disposal

So you’re thinking about getting a new computer, but have you thought about what you’re going to do with the old one? Don’t just think of that tired old machine as yesterday’s news—it deserves some serious attention, to turn it … Continue reading

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Determine if a Netbook is Right for You

I know that recently oceans of ink have been spilled and billions of electrons sprayed debating the question: Who needs a netbook? I know the arguments well: These small laptop-style machines are neither fish nor fowl—too underpowered to do «real … Continue reading

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How Much Money Does Mark Zuckerberg Have?

Mark Zuckerberg a shy 27 year old computer hacker and college student who created the Facebook revolution is the hot topic of conversation these days. As continues to grow at astonishing rates despite a slew of lawsuits and run-ins with … Continue reading

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What is Twitter?

You might have heard about a Web site called Twitter*. You might have even visited it but scratched your head, asking, what is this? That’s a good question because even though Twitter itself is simple, it’s not immediately apparent what it’s … Continue reading

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Change Outlook 2010 map provider to Google Maps

Outlook has a useful feature to display a map of the location of a contact. But it automatically uses Bing, though I prefer Google Maps. Searching the web suggests I could use Google Maps with a simple registry entry change … Continue reading

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